I bought the Album… when I was a kid, I never bought a 45, I always went for the LP. That stands for Long Play and it applied to 33 1⁄3 rpm microgroove vinyl records. I remember saving change and allowance money until the big day when I could go to our local record store and stand in front of the record bin, then wondrously looking down upon the cellophane wrapped, artful record sleeve that held within it… unreleased songs that nobody in the singles, radio world had ever heard. The feeling of anticipation and excitement for what I was about to hear was almost too much to handle on the bike ride home. I clearly recall the feel of the vinyl as I removed it gently from the sleeve, dropping the needle for the very first time on the spiraling groove of my flawless LPs, holding my breath so as not to miss any hidden notes that the band purposefully reserved for me, the LP buyer only. It was more than a group of songs to me, it was the soundtrack of my life. I invested in each band that I liked and became intimately familiar with their music, their lyrics, and their album covers. Every detail of the front cover, the inside, and the back… all were equally important and might allude to some special message or a closer look at who they were. 

Faithful Kate Debut Album CLASSIC
My First

I had a special fondness for the songs in between, the hidden gems that never made the top of the billboard charts. I thought those songs must have been especially important to the band. They weren’t hits but they still made the album, probably due to their lyrics and/or their slight imperfections. It was as if the song had to be heard despite it falling short of the top 40 list. As many album lovers can recall, each song was equally important to the whole of the album and known not only for it’s individual qualities but also for its placement on the album. We knew exactly which song came before it and which song followed it! Even years later, when listening to a particular song on the radio, as it ended we could hear the beginning of the next song in our heads! 

There was a feeling of prestige associated with owning the LP instead of the single. We heard the songs as they were meant to be heard, in sequential order, as a work in its entirety, as an album. We became part of a family of true fans, real listeners and music lovers that had the inside scoop. It made us all feel special and I believe music should do that.

We’ve written a group of songs for our first album that we’d like to share with you in the same way that our favorite bands shared their music with us. From front cover to back, every lyric, and every microgroove, we present our first LP entitled, CLASSIC. Buy the Album… Thank you all.  

Lee ~ Faithful Kate

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