STEP LONG - A Seasoned Classic...

STEP LONG - A Seasoned Classic...

STEP LONG single release September 19th, the last single before our album, CLASSIC, premieres this coming Spring… for a reason. We realize the track is a little rowdy for Americana, maybe a bit reckless, like we are, but it’s a seasoned classic and very special to us. Wait, did we say seasoned classic? Yes indeed, read on…

Lee Roadside Repairs 92

The story behind the 28 year old track, Step Long, began in 1992 on a crazy long “Griswold” like road trip full of breakdowns, bad decisions, and even worse luck lol. My and John’s family headed up to New England for the Christmas Holidays and well… if it could go wrong it did! First, the transmission burned up on the Eastern Shore, we went back, snagged another vehicle, then hit a deer in Maryland, and promptly locked the keys in the truck in New Jersey hahahaha! It’s funny to us now but back then… not so much. Our good humor and patience were tested a bit, let’s say enough, the kind of trip that makes you wonder why you ever thought this whole thing was even remotely a good idea lol! Anyway, we made it there and wrote a song inspired by the event to celebrate making it back alive. We named it Step Long, played it at every show, and our fans started to sing along! I remember laughing every time we performed it back then…  still do!

Ron Ear Works Studio Rehearsal 92
John North Carolina Show Oct 92

We entered Ear Works recording studio in Virginia Beach to record the track in 1993, inspired and well, a little under funded. We had recently won a battle of the band’s prize which included time at the studio. We burned through that and soon our cash dried up too, the basic tracks were lost / tossed by the studio and we reluctantly walked away from the project.

Fast forward twenty seven years, it’s 2020, we’re at Master Sound Studios in Virginia Beach to record a song called Step Long. We tracked it live with owner / engineer Rob Ulsh on the first day for our album CLASSIC. We also made some new friends who play Hammond B3 organ, bottle glass slide guitar, and sing great harmony. They came in later that week to put the finishing touches on our reborn classic. We had about as much fun as you could have tracking this one. Step Long is our badge of brotherhood and determination. We’re pleased to finally share it with you after all these years in honor of restless songs and all the struggling bands out there, very very pleased.

Special thanks to Jamie Lewis, Larry Berwald, and Troy Hedspeth for their stellar contributions.

Hear the new single now!

We urge all of you passionate, writers, players, artists of all kinds to keep pushing, never give up on your dream, there is an audience for your songs and they’re waiting for you…

Belt it out, play what you feel, keep your songs real.

John, Lee, Ron ~ FAITHFUL KATE

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